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As you're reading through the product alerts that we have issued and you see that you've had an experience with any of the products covered in the reports, the other subscribers of My Product Alert would certainly appreciate if you could find a few minutes of your time and tell them about it.

By sharing your experience you would help many people. Same goes for you too. The stories from the other people will help you too because it would help you to better understand the intensity of the effect certain products would have on your health and well being.

Also, if you know of someone else who might have been affected by the products covered in the product alerts, we would appreciate if you could ask that person to share his or her experience.

Since it's out of our control to monitor what goes into making of these products, and the government can only do so much about it, one thing that we CAN control is the information flow. In other words, to look out for each other and get the word out about risky products.

Just think of how many people you would help with your story. Just think of how you would be helped if you can just have someone give you a few helpful tips if you've been affected by any of the bad products - someone who has already gone through the same or a similar experience.

Please tell us your story in as many details as you would like to share or as you would be allowed to share. You don't have to mention any names, or organizations, or any personal details.

In summary, please tell us about anything that you feel comfortable sharing with others, and that you think it may help other people. Feel free to make recommendations or list resources that you may have used to help you deal with the consequences of the bad products.

Also, your thoughts and feedback about the reported products would be very helpful. If you have any additional information (or an inside scoop) in regards to the reported product alerts, it would add value to the report and we would appreciate if you could forward them to us. We'll gladly add them to the story.

If you have any personal experience with any products, regardless if they're covered here or not, and you want to let the world know not to use them, feel free to e-mail us your story with as many facts as possible and we'll add it on the website.

One thing to remember though:

We will post your story only if it contains facts, such as doctor's confirmation of the effects on your health and well being from the use or consumption of the bad product. This is important because we don't want to simply badmouth products.

When you subscribe to My Product Alert (in the box above), you'll get the contact e-mail for your responses.

Feel free to write us at any time.

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