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We're a Consumer Alert Agency focused on delivering alerts to you via e-mail about products that could possibly harm you or affect your health and well being.

Of course, the information we delver will always be available on our website (full scale reports for members only), but you don't have to constantly check our website.

We will send you an e-mail alert when new information is added.

Why was this website developed and what can you expect from My Product Alert?

This website was developed with YOU in mind. It's your website to alert you about products that could affect your health and well being. Hence the name: My Product Alert.

Is there a need for this alert?

How many product recalls have you heard about? How many stories have you heard about people getting injured or even dying from the use or consumption of a product?

Corporations create products, and we (the people) buy and use or consume those products. Since it's out of our control to monitor what goes into making of these products, we can only expect to trust the product makers and hope for the best, or look out for each other.

Unfortunately, one of the major concerns that the corporations have is meeting their bottom line, or in other words, making profit - lots and lots of it, even if it means sacrificing people's health and well being. The government can only control it to a point with laws and regulations, but then the money takes affect and all of the ethics vanish. And how far can you take the law without affecting the economy too much? And what about imported products made elsewhere in the world? Who controls them? Can we trust those sources?

Unknowingly or knowingly, willingly or unwillingly, corporations continue to make all kinds of unsafe products for us to use and consume, and even containing substances that can seriously affect our health and well being.

Since, as stated above, we cannot control the product making process, and the government can only do so much about it, one thing that we CAN control is the information flow. In other words, to get the word out about a risky product as soon as it surfaces.

We're not after products that are subject of a recall, because by the time the products reach the recall stage, they're out of the market, or they're being pulled out of the market. We're after products that are still being sold even though reliable sources are finding them bad to use or consume.

Once we find such products that are being reported by many reputable agencies, listing the facts and risks, we get the information to you. That's why it's very important for you to sign up for our "e-Mail Alert" so you can get the word about the risky products as soon as we find it.

You can help too. As mentioned above, if we don't look out for each other, the corporations will sell us any junk they could get away with. Please let us know if you get your hands on information about a widely sold product that is unsafe for use or consumption. If we have enough facts and reliable sources confirming this information, we'll post it on the website and alert everybody. This is important because we don't want to simply badmouth products because someone doesn't like them. We just want to inform everybody if products can hurt you.

Stay informed and stay alert.

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