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How I Solved My
    Health Problems

Learn how Steve resolved his health problems, a solution that could solve many of your (current or future) health problems too - if not all.

 Drink To Your Health

This report gets to the bottom of the controversy regarding the health benefits of drinking water.

 Toxic Household

Learn about the deadly chemicals in your household cleaners. There is a lot about that "All Purpose Cleaner" under the sink that we are not being told.

 Amber Earrings: A Gateway to Health and Well-being

For centuries, the connection between accessories like amber earrings and one's physical and mental wellness has been revered.

Healthcare in Spain, things you need to know before moving

Spain is considered one of the healthiest and most favorable countries to live in due to inherent sunny and warm climate and Mediterranean health cuisine as well as due to its effective healthcare system.

 How I Solved My
    Health Problems

Learn how Steve resolved his health problems, a solution that could solve many of your (current or future) health problems too - if not all.

 Lead in Lipsticks

Find out which lipsticks have lead, what lead can do to your health (not pretty), what the government is doing about it, where to get lead-free lipsticks, and lots, lots more.

Amber stone: photo, properties and meaning for humans

Amber is a stone of happiness, strength and health, as well as a love amulet capable of attracting the interest of loved ones and friends to the owner of the gem. 


I Battled My Lupus Without Medications and Medical Treatments


The resin of coniferous trees


I Was Only Lactose Intolerant but The Doctor Gave Me 5 Medications


How I Solved My Health Problems

 Tell Us Your Story ...


Energy Solution


Cold and Flu Busters - The Natural Approach


Neem Tree Toothpaste - The Healthy Solution to Your Teeth and Gums


Essential Oils versus Fragrance Oils. Part 1 - What is a Pure Essential Oil


Essential Oils versus Fragrance Oils. Part 2 - The Hazards of Scents


Herbal Tinctures for Pets


Prevention is Key to Prostate Health


Herbs - Vital to a Healthy Balance


Spring and Fall Cleansing and Detoxifying


Stevia - The Sweetest Substance on Earth


Recommended Books by Klaus Ferlow


Chemicals Affecting Human Health


Losing Weight is Very Deadly


Vaccines and Medical Experiments (1845 - 2007)


Vitamin D Slashes Risk of Cancers by 77%


Genetically Modified Foods


Why We Should All Get Rid of Our Microwave Ovens


Eating One Sausage Per Day Causes Cancer

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Klaus Ferlow


Jessica Tucker Mindell


Polly Wise


Sheryl Walters


Stephanie Brail

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Cancer and Cell Phones

Perfume Health Warning

Your Milk on Drugs

Toxic Metals in Your Body

Food Industry's Omega-3 Greed

Misleading Dairy Ads Claiming You Could Lose Weight

What's in Your Child's Favorite Cereal?

Cancer-Causing 1,4-Dioxane in Personal Care Products

Benefits of Drinking Water Attacked in Media

Drugs in Drinking Water

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Ferlow Botanicals

Sun Warrior Protein


Not Getting Enough Sleep? Your Health May be at Risk


Vestibular Migraines


AIG Executives Blow $440,000 of Taxpayers Funds on Expensive California Retreat


Folate Intake Linked to Genetic Abnormalities in Sperm


Meat From Cloned Animals Approved By FDA


Omega-3 DHA Shows Promise Against Eczema


Garlic Protects Against Cancer


Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors


Cold Medicines Send 7,000 Kids to Hospitals Each Year


Eating Just One Sausage a Day Raises Your Cancer Risk by 20 Percent


Prevention of Cancer


New Evidence Confirms the Nutritional Superiority of Plant-Based Organic Foods


Hairdressers and Barbers May Be At Increased Cancer Risk

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