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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Survey

3. The Beverage Trial

4. The Health Benefits

5. How Much To Drink

6. Discusion

7. References

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Drink To Your Health


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As presented in this report, from the evaluation of the discussed research, studies, publications, and clinical trials, (labeled with numbers in parenthesis that match the source number in the Resources section) the health benefits from drinking adequate amount of water on daily basis are many. Water, as established with this study, plays a fundamental role in the health of the humans and is indeed needed to sustain life.

However, the survey revealed that only health conscious people are aware of it, or they basically use common sense that if they follow healthy diets and healthy lifestyles, drinking adequate amount of water is simply a part of it.

On the other hand, the survey revealed that non-health conscious people, especially the groups who answered that either don't consume any water at all or consume only a few sips a day, are either unaware of the health benefits from drinking adequate amounts of water or tend to ignore it, for their own reasons. Additionally, they consume large quantities of other beverages that perhaps use as thirst quenchers.

Even thought this study was not done to discourage consumption of other beverages, it is vital to understand that they are not to be considered as water. One study,(36) though did find that other beverages, when consumed with water, did not affect the person's hydration level significantly. But the beverages in the study were consumed in addition to water and not alone. As it was demonstrated by the Beverage Trial, the beverages alone cannot sustain life regardless of the claims that they are mostly water.

Today, modern lifestyle makes people dependant on all sorts of pleasing and taste-enhancing beverages that are commercially manufactured. Children are not educated to drink water. They become dependant on sodas and juices, which dependency continues later in life.

One study(37) examined the relationship between water consumption and other drinking and eating patterns. They found that because high water consumption is linked with healthier eating patterns -- patterns more likely to be followed by higher-educated, older adults -- the target of water promotion and healthy diet options should focus on younger and less educated adults.

Even though in our survey no personal identifications were required from the participants, it is estimated that majority of the people from Group 2 (or the non-health conscious group) were younger adults who are more likely to attend the parties that we used to reach them. This goes right along with the above mentioned study that identified younger and less educated adults to be the ones less likely to follow a healthy diet that would include consumption of adequate amount of water.

This confirms the fact that non-health conscious people (be that younger or older) appear to be unaware of the health benefits of drinking water, hence they don't see a need for drinking it in adequate amounts. This conclusion comes to no surprise because even though a human body is around 70% water, the understanding of the health benefits of drinking water is unfortunately still in its infancy. And besides a few publications, here and there, emphasizing the importance of it, people are literally left on their own to discover it and educate themselves.

Until full understanding is gained for the health benefits of drinking water that would eliminate all opposition and fill the text books of every school and college, studies like this one or publications like the ones mentioned in the references below would continue to highlight the importance of this matter so further clinical trials, research and studies are encouraged.

It is our hope that this study will add to the awareness in people of how important is indeed to drink adequate amounts of water daily to the human health and raise the bar higher to encourage further research.

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Drink To Your Health