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Stories of Personal Health Problems

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These are stories of personal experiences from people like you who have had health challenges and solved their health problems successfully.

Though you can see how they solved their health problems, the stories are presented "as is". They do not represent nor replace the advice you need to get from a doctor or a trained professional.

If you have a health story (or you know of someone who does) where you have found the causes for your poor health or health problems and you have resolved them, please send it to us so we could share it with the rest of our halth concious friends.

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 I Battled My Lupus Without Medications and Medical Treatments

Between my doctor and myself, we picked the best medications in our opinion to treat my Lupus. However, I was getting more and more ill. The medications were not helping. I started questioning my decisions.

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 I Was Only Lactose Intolerant but The Doctor Gave Me 5 Medications

Five or so years ago I had a terrible stomach pain, like a knot, always there, with diarrhea and malaise. But, after an outpatient procedure, the Doctor gave me 5 medications. Only to find out on my own that I was just lactose intolerant.

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 How I Solved My Health Problems

At the age of 31 I was rushed to the emergency room with heart attack symptoms. My blood was filthy and my health was deteriorating. However, I found the cause of the problem and I solved it myself.

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