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Cancer and Cell Phones

Perfume Health Warning

Your Milk on Drugs

Toxic Metals in Your Body

Food Industry's Omega-3 Greed

Misleading Dairy Ads Claiming You Could Lose Weight

What's in Your Child's Favorite Cereal?

Cancer-Causing 1,4-Dioxane in Personal Care Products

Benefits of Drinking Water Attacked in Media

Drugs in Drinking Water

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 Energy Solution - There are a number of ideas floating around for saving energy in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Even governments from around the world are actively involved with all sorts of ideas and energy bills to accomplish the same. But, I have a different solution to the problem that will save the planet and save you money in today's tough economy.

 Chemicals Affecting Human Health - Manmade chemicals are an integral and vital part of our modern lifestyle. While they have undoubtedly improved the quality of our lives, many would present you with serious health problems.

 Losing Weight is Very Deadly - Isn't the title of this article going against the conventional wisdom and all of the weight loss products and weight loss programs telling you that you need to lose weight to be healthy? Did they ever tell you about the risks of losing weight?

 Your Milk on Drugs - Milk is considered a traditional symbol of purity and nutrition, especially for children. But some milk has undergone a radical change. This altered milk can cause cancer and other serious health problems.

 FYI Acne - Do you remember those teenage years, those embarrassing blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that you hoped would go away as soon as you become an adult? Ah, if only it were that simple.

 3 Important Tips to Help You Get Rid of Acne Permanently - Acne is a problem to millions of people, but no one seems to know the reason why they show up and how to remove them permanently. Let's get to the bottom of the problem and solve it permanently.

 Omega 3 - How Our Food Manufacturers Distort Omega 3 Labeling - Food Manufacturers' Misleading Labeling

 Drink Soda and Pay the Consequences - Many people drink soda. Some more than others. And even though many of the soda drinkers are probably aware of the health dangers from drinking it, they still tend to ignore the facts. But why, one may ask?

 What is Botox and How Botox Works - With just a small injection you can make fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead virtually disappear. With society becoming self conscious about looking good, Botox has become a prime candidate for a quick fix that is easily administered, and has very few side effects. However, caution should be taken as with any drug before running to the doctor for a dose of Botox.

 Tips for a Healthy Hair and a Beautiful Hairstyle - The desire for a beautiful hair and a stunning hairstyle is not new, but that doesn't mean you have to subject your hair to needless damage.

 Amazing Facts About Water You Might Not Know - Did you know that around 70% of your body is water? There is water in every microscopic cell in your body, in every muscle, and even in your bones.

 The Looming Vitamin Crisis - You and I are facing a critical vitamin and mineral shortage. This health crisis has been growing at an alarming rate since the early 1900's.

 Little Known Facts About Changes In Our Diet - It's no mystery that the weight-loss industry has built a thriving empire. In America, for example, we spend about 35 billion dollars every year on an assortment of weight loss products and plans. Yet, obesity epidemic continues to spread.

 Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics and Skin Care Products - Have you ever examined the ingredients listed on the labels of your cosmetics or other skin care products? Do you know what those ingredients are?

 Know Thy Food Label - There is only one way to incorporate healthy foods into our diet and that is to make the decision to do it. Practical information about the nutrition and safety of the foods we consume is absolutely vital in making this decision.

 Do You Know What Is Lurking In Your Bathroom? - It was discovered that while 95% of the people surveyed said they washed their hands every time they used a public facility, only about 67% actually did. A recent nationwide poll showed that 39% of respondents are worried about the germs lurking in public restrooms.

 Lipsticks Contain Lead - Now What? - The news spread around the world like a wildfire that lipstick and even some very popular brands of lipstick contain lead. Lead is not something that you would want to put in your body. Consume it in a high dose, and it will kill you.

 Lead In Lipsticks And What You Can Do About It - Lipstick manufactured in the United States and used daily by millions of women contains surprisingly high levels of lead. So, what can you do about it?

 Lead in Lipstick - Is it a Problem or is it a Solution? - News agencies, TV stations, activity groups, and thousands of blogs all around the country are reporting about the lead presence in lipsticks. However, the question is: are lead lipsticks a problem or a solution?

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