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I Battled My Lupus Without Medications and Medical Treatments


I Was Only Lactose Intolerant but The Doctor Gave Me 5 Medications


How I Solved My Health Problems

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By sharing your health experience you would help many people. Same goes for you too. The stories from the other people would help you too because it would help you better understand the intensity of the situation you might be in and help you make better decisions.

What kind of stories are we asking you to share with our health conscious friends?

1. If you've had a health challenge of any kind and you've resolved it, your story would help many more people that might be facing the same health problem. But your solution cannot simply be taking drugs to cover the symptoms. We all know that medications can relieve almost any symptom but not eliminate the cause of the problem. When you read through the current stories, you'll see that people found the cause of their poor health and told us what they did to resolve it. Those are the stories we would like to share with the rest of our health conscious friends because imagine someone having already solved your health problem. Wouldn't it be nice so you don't have to go through the pain any more?

2. Also, if you had any bad experience with any kind of product you have used or consumed where the product has affected your health, we would like to share it. We would appreciate if you could tell us how the product affected your health, what you did about it and how you resolved the problem.

Furthermore, if you know of someone else who might have a good story, we would appreciate if you could ask that person to share his or her experience.

Just think of how many people you would help with your story. Just think of how you would be helped if you can just have someone give you a few helpful tips to at least ease the pain.

Please tell us your story in as many details as you would like to share or as you might be allowed to share. You don't have to mention any names, or organizations, or any personal details if you don't want.

Please tell us in your story anything that you feel comfortable sharing with others, and that you think it may help other people. Feel free to make recommendations or list resources that you may have used to help you deal with the problem or the consequences of it.

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