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These are Alerts about products (you may be using or consuming) that may compromise your health or well being.

These Alerts have been designed to inform you of the findings regarding products that may jeopardize your health or well being so you can make a better decision on whether to use or consume those products at all, or in limited amount, or to look for alternatives.

Some alerts may have links for your further reading; some may contain visuals for better understanding; and some may have recommendations; or all of the above.

In general, all alerts covering a single product or a group of products are supported by results obtained from studies, research, statistics, or personal experience supporting the claims.

So you better take them for serious.

 Cancer and Cell Phones - It is estimated that about 2.5 billion people use cell phones worldwide, not knowing what they are in for. And, there is a significant amount of ever increasing evidence that links mobile phone usage to brain tumors.

 Perfume Health Warning - You may or may not know that the conventional modern day perfumes, colognes and cosmetics of all kinds, even the big name brands, contain very deadly chemicals and substances, or in other words, carcinogens.

 Your Milk on Drugs - Remember these videos next time you run to the store to buy milk or anything made with milk.

 Toxic Metals! Is This The Reason Why You Don't Feel Well? - You might as well consider your body as a landfill for toxic metals and chemicals that one day will reach the top. And then ... take a wild guess.

 The Food Industry's Greedy Practices to Cash in on the Health Benefits of Omega-3 - Even though food labels are much more reliable and informative nowadays, many consumers will continue to be hoodwinked into buying products they think are healthful but, in fact, are of poor nutritional value.

 Are You Being Mislead by Dairy Ads Claiming You Could Lose Weight by Consuming Dairy? - Ads touting dairy for weight loss - misleading. Why such a strong statement when strong media advertising tells us that we could have healthy weight by consuming dairy?

 Do You Know What's in That Box of Your Child's Favorite Cereal? - You better do know or you might be feeding your child a morning bland of sodium, carbohydrates, calories and especially a high amount of refined sugar.

 Cancer-Causing 1,4-Dioxane Found in Leading 'Organic' Brand Personal Care Products - There's no end to how far the greed would push people in order to make a few extra bucks even if it means compromising your health and wellbeing. Is there?

 The Benefits of Drinking Water Attacked in Media - Why is drinking of water being attacked in media?

 Drugs in Drinking Water - A large number of pharmaceuticals (drugs) have been found in the drinking water supplies all over the world - water that you drink every single day.

 Are You Getting Hungry for Your GM's yet? - Biotech Burger - The biotechnology industry and other proponents have proclaimed genetic engineering as a powerful new technology that will revolutionize agriculture and the food supply. Or, perhaps there are other "thing$" at play?

 Children's Increased Risk of Asthma, Rhinitis and Eczema. - An extensive study, one of many, in Sweden found that house dust containing phthalates are associated with higher rates of asthma, eczema and other allergy symptoms.

 Are Antibacterial Soaps Really Helping You Stay Healthy? - Is it the money that retailers and manufacturers can make from you or do antibacterial products really help you stay healthy?

 Air Fresheners Contain Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals - Consumers have a right to know what is put into air fresheners and other everyday products they bring into their homes.

 Chemicals Found in the Urine of Babies which Came from Baby Products - Is it a new trend of exposing humans early, as babies, to chemicals and other dangerous substances, or is it a pure ignorance for the sake of profit?

 Diet or Regular, Soft Drinks May Increase Your Risk For Heart Disease - Framingham researchers reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association that drinking more than one soft drink daily - whether it is regular or diet - may be associated with an increase in the risk factors for heart disease.

 Heating Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles Releases Harmful Chemical - Do you have any or have you had any Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles? Have you ever filled them with boiling water, tea or coffee, or have you ever heated them up in a microwave, like warming up the formula in baby bottles?

 CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lights - The idea is excellent, however, is the chosen product (Compact Fluorescent Light) the right solution for it, and do you even know what you're faced with or would you rather ignore it and deal with the consequences?

 Energy Drinks Provide Energy Boost and What Else? - You drink them cold, but they are a hot money-making item for the manufacturers and retailers. However, while we all need energy boost from time to time, various experts insist that an energy drink may not be the best way to get it.

 Hundreds More Toys with Lead - Didn't toy manufacturers learn a lesson from all the kids who died from lead tainted toys, or simply they don't care about our children for as long as they make profit?

 Could This Be the Problem of Infertility in Women, or Are Men the Problem? - More than half a century later, six anabolic steroids are given, in various combinations, to nearly all animals in conventional feedlots in the U.S. and Canada. What are those steroid doing when consumed by the numans?

 Lead in Some Imported Makeup - New York City Health Department warned New Yorkers that certain imported eye cosmetics contain high levels of lead and should not be used. Should you be worried about it?

 Top 10 Worst Toys for 2007 - World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.), a Massachusetts charitable non-profit corporation, has released its annual "10 Worst Toys" list of toys with the potential to cause childhood injuries, or even death.

 International Bad Products Awards - The world federation of consumer organizations, Consumers International (CI) announced the winners of the International Bad Product Awards that was presented at CI's World Congress in Sydney, Australia, 29 Oct - 1 November 2007.

 Dangerous Chemicals in Common Goods - This study has found that chemicals present in everyday products that we're using on daily basis are entering our bodies, and these chemicals have been linked to birth defects, cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, asthma, and other health problems.

 Dangers with Birth Control Pills - The general understanding of this study, is that women who use oral contraceptives - at least the high-estrogen ones - are at increased risk of having artery buildups that can increase the risk of heart disease and lead to heart attack or stroke.

 Caffeinated Decaf Coffee - Two separate studies have been done independently from each other on decaf coffees, and both studies have found that decaf coffee isn't completely caffeine free. If you need to drink caffeine-free coffee for one reason or another, you need to read this product alert.

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