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Ferlow Botanicals

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My Product Alert has awarded Ferlow Botanicals with the Best Product Line Certificate of Excellence for making "all natural" products.

We originally planned to evaluate a couple of products. However, after using a product, after a product we realized that it would have taken us an unknown number of pages to award each and every product. Hence, it was decided to award the entire product line because they're all superior.

Here's what happened

After we accidentally stumbled upon a brilliant article written by Klaus Ferlow, founder of Ferlow Botanicals, naturally we visited the website associated with the article and asked if we could publish and share that article (and more) with our My Product Alert visitors. We got the permission.

However, the products listed on their website really caught our attention. And from the information available on the site, we learned that these products are all natural with amazing properties. We decided to order a couple and evaluate them for our Product Award program.

But after speaking on the phone with Mr. Ferlow, he was so confident in the superior quality of his products that we decided to evaluate a lot more than just two products. And, we didn't make a mistake.

Products can indeed be made naturally and be better than even prescription medicine and products made with chemicals. Mr. Ferlow has proved it overwhelmingly.

Ferlow Botanicals, which is a local, family-run business, produces "zero-harm" medicinal and personal care products. This means that instead of using chemicals to fill their list of ingredients, you will find only non-toxic and wildcrafted herbal ingredients. And boy, do they work good!


For an example: after the first use of the toothpaste, it immediately became our favorite. We threw out all other toothpastes we previously used. It was impossible to go back to another toothpaste.

The toothpaste is made of Neem Tree, a tropical evergreen that has been used for its medicinal properties for over 6,000 years in India. It is very gentle on the gums with a pleasant taste (instead of the aggressive feel of the conventional toothpastes) and best of all it does what it was designed for extremely well - clean our teeth, prevent plaque, and other things. For one person the toothpaste helped his gum recession and his teeth stopped being sensitive.

The toothpaste has no sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride or other harsh abrasives and uses Grapefruit Seed Extract as preservative instead of chemicals. The Grapefruit Seed Extract is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

The Lip Balm made our lips feel like they were never dry in the first place - soft and silky.

After using the shampoo several times, as bizarre as it may sound, our hair felt like it was repairing itself from all the damage. The shampoo was definitely doing something positive to the hair to add volume and make it look, simply healthy; especially the Neem Tree shampoo which helped one person with her dandruff issues that even her prescription shampoo couldn't help. The shampoo is made without any animal by-products, sodium lauryl sulphate, phosphates or paraben preservatives.

As far as medicinal properties, in addition to the Shampoo's dandruff help, the Echinacea Throat Spray provided surprising relief for soar throat.

And then, came the miracle that you would only read about in a bible.

We used the Neem Tree Cream for treating a very severe eczema. After just one application, the results were shockingly evident and unbelievable, even better than any steroid cream prescribed by a doctor. We couldn't believe how effective the cream was and very surprised at how doctors don't even know about it.

The cream, like a vacuum cleaner, just sucked the redness and inflammation out from the infected skin not seen with any other creams, herbal or medicinal. After an extended use over the infected areas of the skin, even the rash started to fade away. Too bad we had a small container of it and we quickly ran out because we couldn't even guess the effectiveness beforehand.

However, after seeing how efficient this cream was for relieving eczema, we immediately got on the phone with Ferlow Botanicals and ordered two more of the bigger 120ml containers. Meantime we used the Hemp Cream while waiting for the order to arrive, and the Hemp Cream was just as effective. We couldn't decide which one was better because they both helped the eczema person.

As a matter of fact, this is how the founder Klaus Ferlow completely cleared his scalp and elbows from severe psoriasis.

He received ongoing and unsuccessful treatments from doctors in Germany and Canada and cost him a lot of money. After over forty years he finally gave up and was told by the doctors that he would have to live with it for the rest of his life!

However, after watching CBC television series "The Nature of Things", which featured a program describing the miraculous healing power of the Neem Tree from India, he got motivated again about healing his severe psoriasis condition.

With help from a professional chemist, he developed a Neem Tree cream without harsh chemicals using Neem Tree extract from the leaves of the tree. Nine weeks later his "severe" psoriasis was completely gone - and doctors from two countries could not solve it. Amazing!

This success launched his passion for natural products and especially for Neem Tree herbal products after which in 1993 he founded the company and started manufacturing and distributing his products.

We have experienced first hand that Ferlow Botanicals is providing the highest quality toxin free Personal Care and Medicinal Herbal products made from the finest organic, certified organic, or wild-crafted botanical extracts without the use of mineral oils, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, sulfates, phosphates or paraben preservatives.

That is why we couldn't simply award one or two products but the entire product line with our Certificate of Excellence.

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