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Sun Warrior Protein

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My Product Alert has awarded Sun Warrior Protein with the Best Natural Product Certificate of Excellence for making "all natural" product.

Actually, this product has many reasons for this award, which we will mention throughout this review.

We initially chose to evaluate this product because of the claim that it uses no whey or soy to extract the protein from.

My Product Alert doesn't support Whey protein for several reasons.

Whey is a by-product of cheese manufactured from cow's milk. And, because FDA approved cloning of cows (and other animals) and milk from those cows to be used in our food supply; because of the rBGH hormone (drug) injected in cows that even requires cows to take antibiotics; and because most of these cows are fed genetically modified (GM) soy and corn, the quality of the milk is ... let's say questionable. In addition to that, Whey protein contains IGF-1, which has been linked to various cancers in humans. Plus, it is the plant based protein that our body needs.

My Product Alert doesn't support soy protein because of the fact that about 90% of the soybeans are genetically modified. The protein from these synthetic seeds is unnatural and quality is again ... let's say questionable. Also, isolated soy protein, is a cheap, low-end protein that's often extracted with chemical solvents (and can even be made from genetically-modified soybeans). This is why it's the No. 1 protein used in all those cheap, low-end protein bars found at the grocery store.

But, Sun Warrior has succeeded in isolating protein from non-GM Raw Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice. And the protein is created with a low temperature natural enzyme process that does not use any chemicals or acid hydrolysis like most proteins do.

It is widely known that seeds need to be sprouted before they're consumed. When seeds are sprouted, enzymes which have been dormant in it, spring into action breaking down stored starch. What this means is that the process of sprouting turns seeds into foods which are very easily assimilated by your body when you consume them.

Sprouts are, in effect, pre-digested. As such they have many times the nutritional efficiency of the seeds from which they have grown.

They provide more nutrients, ounce for ounce, than any other natural food. Sprouts are full of the most beneficial and important enzymes known to man. You could literally survive on sprouts and water alone. They are that powerful.

And, Sun Warrior is using Raw Sprouted seeds, just the way nature designed it.

It sounded like they had done it. It was time to put it to a test.

Testing the Protein

We purchased one 2.2 Lbs. (1000g) container. Almost immediately after the first few drinks we knew it was a winner. However, we used up the whole container. When something is consumed, in other words put into our body, we don't want to simply get excited with the first bite.

As a result, we ordered another container. The taste and quality were consistent. After the second container was finished, we ordered the Value Pack of 3 containers to get the free shipping (because it became a part of our everyday nutrition), and it was time to write this review.

How did it perform?

For one person in our test group, it was a bit of an adjustment. Before this, every morning she was drinking whey protein, that of course had enriched taste with lots of unnatural ingredients, so she had a bit of a harder time adjusting to this raw protein with having Stevia (natural sweetener) as the only sweetener. However, when blended with a banana in a Blander with water (or any kind of milk if you wish), it becomes a super tasty and creamy, delicious drink that feels like you would want to eat it; bite on it.

We've also blended it with frozen fruits or natural (organic) fruits, or only with milk, and it always tastes delicious. It gives a very unique delicious taste. She cannot get enough of it now.

Another interesting fact is that it doesn't have that annoyingly high "grit" factor that Hemp protein, Brown rice protein and other vegetable protein seems to have.

Sun Warrior has accomplished this through a high-tech microfiltration process conducted at very low temperatures (room temperature, essentially), which keeps the product raw. No chemical solvents whatsoever are used in the processing of this Brown rice protein concentrate.

As far as performance, it packs 15g of protein in one scoop. So, you only need three or four scoops a day to get to your recommended protein daily intake if you don't get it from anywhere else. Or, you only need one or two scoops a day when getting protein from other foods.

What we found to be so special about this Protein

Glass after glass, drink after drink, this protein did not cause any indigestion, bloating or gas, as it could be with some Whey protein.

Because Sun Warrior Protein is so easily digestible, it can be even by easily assimilated even infants and the elderly. And the World Health Organization is considering it for feeding malnourished individuals, because of the hypoallergenic profile, and superior absorption.

Also, we've learned that Sun Warrior Protein is a part of clinical trials that may help absorption of vitamins in Aids patients, and USDA is using the protein in clinical trials to see if it may help control high blood pressure.

Unlike the extraction processes of other proteins, their method of extraction uses neither chemicals nor acid hydrolysis (as mentioned above), and they only use Organic Enzymes during the process. Their process is 100% Organic Compliant.

This is very important for making a truly healthy protein because if you take a look at the ingredients in supplements and protein powders at most health food stores, you'll find that they contain lots of questionable ingredients, such as aspartame, saccharin, fructose, and artificial colors. These are chemicals and certainly not good for your health.

Sun Warrior Protein is both raw and vegan, doesn't use any chemicals in the process or as ingredients, no genetically modified seeds, tastes great, and it looks like it beats every other protein product on the market today in terms of health and performance.

That is a sure winner for our Certificate of Excellence.

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Free Shipping Offer - Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein

Sun Warrior has succeeded in isolating protein from non-GM Raw Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice. And the protein is created with a low temperature natural enzyme process that does not use any chemicals or acid hydrolysis like most proteins do.

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