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I Was Only Lactose Intolerant but The Doctor Gave Me 5 Medications


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I Was Only Lactose Intolerant but The Doctor Gave Me 5 Medications to Treat Something I Didn't Have

provided and © by Terry P.

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Five or so years ago I had a terrible stomach pain, like a knot, always there, with diarrhea and malaise.

I was tired all the time. And, the stomach pain was not heartburn. It was a sharp and continuous pain.

At the time I was drinking a lot of milk because I loved milk. I ate cottage cheese when the pain was bad because my mom told me that whenever her stomach bothered her, she ate cottage cheese.

I went to a Gastroenterologist to check if it was due to previous ulcers (that are now healed, but they were from the non steroidal pain meds given to me for menstrual cramps).

However, this pain was different. The Gastro decided to do a colonoscopy and an endoscopy on me to find the problem.

I am an RN and during the procedure I was wide awake. They said that they gave me the correct meds to put me out, but I even looked into the TV monitor while they did it. It was their diversion when I was yelling at them to stop because it hurt so much. They would not stop even after I insisted. I look back on it now and should have sued them for battery.

Well, the Dr. came into my room and said I had gastritis and threw me a prescription for pain meds. His comment was "Make it last. That's all you will get from me." But, in the mean time he put me on several anxiety meds, antidepressants and 2 stomach meds.

Now, I was sicker than ever and I could not even eat. I told them that I did not feel depressed and I took myself off those drugs.

Finally, at one point my boyfriend said: "honey you are acting like I did when I found out that I was lactose intolerant."

So, I went off all milk and dairy products. I used Lactaid for milk and love it.

Guess what? I don't have any of those symptoms anymore.

One day, I saw that Gastroenterologist in the ICU where I was working. I went up to him and with my voice raised, since he would not listen to me in the outpatient procedure room, I said: "I am cured and it is not from your 5 prescriptions and unethical way you treated me because you did not believe how sick I was. You might be interested to know that I am very lactose intolerant. I cannot have ice cream, no cheese, no dairy, except Lactaid for milk."

Doctors put everyone in a neat little package called a "medical book." If we don't fit the medical journals and books they went to college with, then we automatically have anxiety and depression. They load you up with toxic drugs you may not need and you become sicker.

I am telling all of you who will read this: "you know your body much better than the doctors do." Tell them everything, ask questions, and make them take the time to tell you what the medications do, both desired effects and undesired effects, which can be very dangerous.

If a physician does a procedure on you and it is painful, and you are awake, don't do what I did. I tried to make them stop but they did not. I should have told them to get their hands off me or I will sue them.

People hear every day on the news that to this date when I wrote this article we have had approximately 3,800 American casualties in Iraq. I am so sorry for them and their families and I will always consider them and their loved ones heroes. But, has the news media told you about the alarming 90,000 deaths that occur annually from medical errors?

It is a very dangerous field, but as a patient and consumer, we have the responsibility to become informed, ask questions and make your physician spend time with you, and know everything about your medications.

In closing, we are ultimately responsible for our own health. But when we let physicians and other healthcare providers step in, we must insist on their time to educate us on the medications, procedures, and diagnosis.

If we are not getting the results we want, we need to speak up. When we have side effects to the medications, we need to speak up and put it in our medical history as some may be deadly. Now that it took me 2 full years of tests, drugs, and a physician that lost his temper with me, I don't stand still any more, I report it. You don't have to be sick without knowing what is wrong.


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