I battled Lupus Without Medications and Medical Treatments

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I Battled My Lupus Without Medications and Medical Treatments


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I battled Lupus Without Medications and Medical Treatments

provided and © by Barb T.

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When I was a little girl, I remember having some kind of an illness that affected my joints and my health.

My mom used to take me to all kinds of doctors, medical and natural healers in order to help me cure the illness, but without success.

However, by the time I reached teenage years, somehow my illness disappeared. I don't know how that happened, but it was gone.

About 30 years went by and I started feeling the same symptoms again. It was right after I had my fist baby. Well, the medicine had 30 years of advancement by now and they had more answers for my illness. My doctor told me that I had Lupus - an autoimmune disease that can affect various parts of the body, including the skin, joints, heart, lungs, blood, kidneys and brain.

Normally, the body's immune system makes proteins called antibodies, to protect the body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign materials. In an autoimmune disorder like lupus, the immune system cannot tell the difference between foreign substances and its own cells and tissues. The immune system then makes antibodies directed against itself. These antibodies cause inflammation, pain and damage in various parts of the body.

Even though my doctor told me not to get pregnant again, I didn't listen and I did. And that's where I saw how powerful the Lupus was. The Lupus attacked my fetus and you know the rest. At 6 months of pregnancy I had to abort because my baby was dead.

You know, I am a Pharmacist and I have a doctor of pharmacy degree. I know medications like nobody else. Between my doctor and me, I picked the best medications in our opinion to treat my Lupus.

However, I was getting more and more ill. The medications were not helping. I started questioning my decisions.

Meantime, my brother and his wife were heavy into natural cures and naturally healing illnesses. I consulted with my brother's wife and she gave me a suggestion to go and see a Chiropractor that practices healing without medications.

That was against my conventional medical wisdom, but seeing my brother's family always healthy and in a good condition, I listened and I went to see the suggested Chiropractor, because that's who they were seeing. Their Chiropractor was far from my house but I found one close to my house who practices healing without medications.

I was in for a big surprise.

The very first thing he told me was that I had to stop the medications and go through a rapid detoxification process. He gave me four products, all natural and certified organic, to help my detoxification. I had to change my diet to all certified organic, and drinking a lot of water to clean my body from the toxins collected from the conventional food and medications. Also, I had to start eating gluten free, no milk and dairy of any kind, and my meals had to consist of lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

To speed up the process, I had to go to a deep massage therapy to help the skin release the toxins, yoga, and walking at least 40 minutes a day.

Just so you know how bad my situation was: my "anti SSA" antibodies were at 4.2 (normal 0 - 0.9) and my "anti SSB" antibodies were at 1.7 (normal 0 – 0.9).

Two months after my rapid detoxification therapy, my Chiropractor checked my blood and to my enormous surprise, the numbers were finally lower. I couldn't do it with medications before.

To prove me that today's modern life is causing my Lupus to attack me, he had me switch back to the conventional food and drinking all the modern-day artificially flavored sugary drinks again for a month.

I felt like I was going to die. I lost all of my energy and I had to go back to the medications to help me function normally. After that month, my Chiropractor checked my blood again and sure enough all of the numbers were back to the dangerous levels.

So, I switched back to the all certified organic food again, drinking only water and some organic juices, and surprisingly, I didn't need my medications any more. After several months with that diet he checked my blood again, and my numbers were back to the normal levels.

My "anti SSA" antibodies are at 0.59 (normal 0 - 0.9) and my "anti SSB" antibodies are at 0.7 (normal 0 – 0.9).

I still have few more things to bring back to normal, but I know it would take some time to clean up at least 15 years of consuming medications, and not eating healthy.

Thinking back to the years when my illness went away, I realized that I lived on a farm deep into Western Europe in the 70s where everything was natural and nobody new of fast food, growth hormones given to animals, chemicals used to process food, pesticides being sprayed onto the fruits and vegetables, genetically engineered and cloned food, artificially flavored drinks, antibiotics given to animals, recycled nuclear wasted being utilized in the food, and so on. I was naturally eating healthy and that helped my Lupus subside, and I thought my illness went away.

But in the early 80s I moved to USA to the modern day city life where I started getting exposed to all these toxic additives in today's food and drinks, and my Lupus got active again.

I'm glad that my Chiropractor switched me back to the conventional food so I could witness the difference for myself.

Perhaps, if you have a health problem, you could do this test yourself and see the difference. However, if you have a health problem, I highly recommend you to see a Chiropractor that practices natural healing.


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