Meat From Cloned Animals Approved By FDA

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Meat From Cloned Animals Approved By FDA

Sources: CBS, San Francisco Chronicle

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The article will deal with a controversial topic: the consumption of meat from cloned animals. Below we will consider the position of the Food and Drug Administration and, in general, how it will affect the market. You can also pay for letter of recommendation if you want to submit a similar topic on various forums.

After years of delay, first back in 2006 the Food and Drug Administration tentatively concluded that milk and meat from some cloned farm animals are safe to eat.

Then the Food and Drug Administration announced in January in 2008 that food from cloned animals, including cloned cows, pigs, and goats are safe to eat and pose no risk to human health.

While animal cloning has always been legal, since 2001 there has been a voluntary moratorium on selling milk or meat from such animals to give the FDA time to study the issue. Some experts say that some products from clones or their offspring have probably nonetheless made their way into the food supply.

Viagen Inc. and Trans Ova Genetics are the two primary U.S. cloning companies. They have already produced more than 650 cloned animals for U.S. breeders, including copies of prize-winning cows and rodeo bulls.

The FDA is expected to give final go-ahead for the sale of cloned meat and milk before the end of the year. Food producers have agreed not to sell those products under a voluntary moratorium, though the FDA has said cloned animals are scientifically identical to their natural counterparts.

FDA is not expected to require that they be labeled, though companies may decide to voluntarily label their products.

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