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FYI Acne

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Do you remember those teenage years, those embarrassing blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that you hoped would go away as soon as you become an adult?

Ah, if only it were that simple.

Ahh that big date. Most people have probably been there. Find the right outfit, pick the right shoes, get it al together for the big night and then it happens. You break out. Pimples, zits, spots, call it what you want – you've encountered acne.

Certainly we can say that anyone can have acne, and most likely people will have acne during several phases of their life.

While you may encounter acne at any stage of your life, most people are familiar withy the blemishes you experience as a teenager. These spots are not caused by dirt. They're a mixture of oil from the skin and discarded cells from your follicles. That combined with some nasty bacteria would lead to acne.

Lesson 1 about acne: If you want that zit to quit, don't pick at it.

Lesson 2: The best way to fight acne is to prevent it.

Have you been out in the sun lately?

People like that glow of a tan, but many people don't realize that sun exposure can often make acne worse. If you're prone to acne, perhaps you should limit your sun exposure to a minimum before any major event, so you don't break out.

When exposed to a sun, you naturally sweat. The sweat will bring lots of toxins from the inside of your body to your already vulnerable skin and you break out.

How about your diet? Was it something you ate that caused the break out?

There's no conclusive research to put a link between specific foods and acne, so the best research is up to you. Sometime certain food groups aggravate one person and not another. So it is up to you to recognize which foods would cause you to break out or would cause flaring or redness. Those food groups are what you want to avoid.

Here's an acne-fighting tip that keeps the whole body happy: drink plenty of plain water and not the modern day beverages. Water helps regulate many health properties in your body, which is better for your skin, which in return would help prevent your acne.

Since we're on the subject of water, how about your scrub time?

Many people with acne actually make the mistake of washing their face too much. For most people, simply washing their face with mild and natural soap (as opposed to conventional mainstream soaps filled with chemicals) no more than twice a day will help battle the blemishes.

But too much washing can dry the skin, and too much scrubbing can scratch the skin, giving acne a better chance to develop.

Creams and lotions are everywhere to fight acne, but different people have different types of skin and different causes of acne. It is up to you to try them, but when you do, always start with a small area away from your visible skin to see if it works on you and how good it works before you apply it on large scale.

For women, there's always makeup. Conventional mainstream makeup is full with toxins, carcinogens, and chemicals, so it is good to avoid it if your skin is prone to acne, plus it is bad for your health anyways. Always go with natural, mineral, and organic makeup. However, again it is up to you to find the make up that best suits your skin and that would not cause flaring or redness.

One more key piece of info regarding the fight against acne.

It may not be what's on your outside, but what's on your inside that counts most. People are praying to God to make sure they don't break out before the next big date or business presentation that they have, but the real clue may lie in your heredity. You can be inclined to several types of acne, and you may need to work with your dermatologist to develop a game plan that will help you at the various ages and stages of your life.

No matter what you try to fight or prevent your acne, you may not see improvement immediately, but hang in there. It's like those teenage years, improvement takes time.


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