Losing Weight is Very Deadly

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Losing Weight is Very Deadly

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Isn't the title of this article going against the conventional wisdom and all of the weight loss products and weight loss programs telling you that you need to lose weight to be healthy?

Did they ever tell you about the risks of losing weight?

Either they don't know anything about it, don't care for you, or don't care to learn the truth. What ever the reason is, at the end of the purchase, all they want is your money whether you lose weight or not.

This article will cover the following three points so you know the truth behind losing weight:

1. Why losing weight is very deadly;
2. Why sometimes you can't lose weight even if you're trying to;
3. How you can lose weight without any effort or risk to your health.

1. Have you ever heard stories about healthy and thin people simply dropping dead without any reason? Or, stories where someone at the gym collapses and dies?

These are all stories of people who have pushed their bodies over the edge.

The body creates fat for one reason only: to store toxins and waste in it.

Your body buries all toxic metals, chemicals, and waste that you are accumulating in your body from your junky diet deep into the cells, tissue, fat, and away from your vital organs.

When you forcefully remove the fat without changing your diet, either by exercise, starvation, or medical intervention, your body will have to store the toxins somewhere. Where would that be? Your heart, liver, kidneys, brain and so on.

And one day, you will become a part of the statistics about people dropping dead for no reason.

2. Though, sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you can't lose weight. That's because your body continues to create fat even though you're trying to lose it. You already know why this happens, right?

Even though you're trying to lose weight, you're still eating the same junky diet that piles toxic waste in your body. In order for you to be alive, your body will continue to create storage for it, and that's your fat.

Don't be surprised if you're overweight or if you bump into a news report saying that overweight people are sometimes healthier than the skinny ones.

Human brain is the most powerful computer and it knows very well to keep toxic waste away from your vital organs so you can enjoy your life until one day you overfill your body and then, it's too late.

3. Whether you exercise or try to lose weight any other way, your body will fight you back, but for good reason - to keep you alive.

However, you can easily lose weight without any effort. Just change your diet and your body will start dropping those unneeded extra pounds almost immediately. Since your body won't need any more fat to store toxins in, it will start eliminating it.

Changing your diet means eating more fresh, organic and raw food as opposed to processed conventional food that's filled with chemicals, toxic metals, and other poison. Drink only plain water and a very little to none of the modern day beverages.

If you need to cook it, whether it is meat or vegetables, make it certified organic. And please, lose that microwave! It will only increase your chances of getting cancer early in life.

To speed up your weight losing process, take organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil. This type of oil is a product that falls in that "miraculous" category. This oil has a dramatic and positive effect on the body.

Take one tablespoonful in the morning and one in the late afternoon and together with your healthy diet as described above, you will enjoy seeing your pounds go away without any effort.

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