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Articles by Stephanie Brail

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Stephanie Brail is a wellness coach, healer and hypnotherapist. She provides information and perspectives on alternative health, well-being, spirituality, and more.

While she is local to Los Angeles, she offers the following services by telephone to clients around the world:

Life Coaching – well-being, stress reduction, life balance, creativity;

Hypnotherapy – peace of mind, healthy habits, past-life regression;

Energy Healing – clearing blocks, freeing stuck energy, increasing joy.

She offers teleclasses and live workshops in Los Angeles.

Additionally, you will find many other resources on her website, including free online courses, EFT Audio, articles, and more.

 Poor Americans Struggle to Find Affordable Quality Food - As obesity soars in America, studies are finding that access to good food is a problem for less affluent Americans. HealthDay recently reported that poorer Americans not only have issues with affording quality food, but they have fewer places to buy good foods.

 Death by Botox? The Hidden Toll of the Quest for Beauty - How far are you willing to go for beauty? Would you be willing to gamble your life? Because that's what women are doing when they choose to receive Botox injections based on analysis by Ralph Nadar's watchdog group, Public Citizen. With 16 recorded deaths from the popular form of plastic surgery, Public Citizen is calling on the FDA to put a "black box" warning on the Botox label.

 Walk Instead of Drive for Your Health - In times of ever-climbing gas prices, looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption can not only be good for your pocketbook, but your health. Walking instead of driving is one way to lower your fuel expenses while improving your health and well-being. Did you know that a 150 pound person walking briskly can burn an average of 320 calories per hour?

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