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Articles by Jessica Tucker Mindell

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In her free time, Jessica enjoys researching food and healthy eating. It is also worth noting that proper nutrition, diet, and balance of PFCs are very important for our health. If you want to consider this topic in more detail or read a work on another topic, buy cheap articles.

She writes articles for the Healing Garden Journal where she answers people's food-related questions.

These articles are very informative, educational, and well researched.

Jessica has given us a written permission to republish her articles.


 Sweet or Not So Sweet High-Fructose Corn Syrup - What is high-fructose corn syrup and why do some people feel that it's unhealthy?

 Health Benefits of Poi and Tropical Fruits - Poi is a fat-free and highly digestible, pudding-like dish made from the root (or corm) of the taro plant. This root is a starchy tuber vegetable similar in looks and use to a potato.

 Confused About Fats - Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) are "good" fats since they are necessary for proper functioning of the body (e.g. cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems).

 Wise Meat and Poultry Choices - First, try to buy beef and poultry products that are organic or contain no antibiotics or hormones.

 Is Tap Water Healthy? - A couple of years ago, a news program compared NYC tap water to bottled water and found that tap water is just as healthy as bottled and that it is not worth spending the money. Many of these studies, however, are focused on cleanliness and bacteria count but do not consider the presence of fluoride and chlorine.

 Bottled Water – What's the Difference? - According to industry estimates, approximately one-fourth of bottled water is from a municipal source, just like tap water, so it is important to read labels and to understand what you are buying.

 Wild-Caught or Farm-Raised Salmon? - There is a lot of confusion regarding what type of salmon to buy. Based on my research, most experts consider wild-caught salmon to be superior to farm-raised for the following reasons:

 Healthy Sweeteners - Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information about which sweeteners are the best to use. Here's a summary of what I've found to be true.

 Understanding Organic Food Labels - This is a confusing topic, especially since food labels are often misleading. So let's discuss some commonly found terms and labels on food.

 Genetically Modified Foods - GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This means that genes from unrelated species are crossed in a laboratory (species that could not cross in nature) to create species with new traits. They are also refered to as "GM" or "GE".

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