Tips for a Healthy Hair and a Beautiful Hairstyle

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Home => Health Articles => Tips for a Healthy Hair and a Beautiful Hairstyle

Tips for a Healthy Hair and a Beautiful Hairstyle

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Today, fashion still influences a woman's hairstyle as it did centuries ago.

The desire for a beautiful hair and a stunning hairstyle is not new, but that doesn't mean you have to subject your hair to needless damage. If you want to read how hairstyle fashions changed during specific chronological limits, apply for order papers online and you can read the data you need.

Also, many women wander how celebrities can have beautiful, super straight yet shiny as glass hair.

Do they always go to the salon to have their own hair stylist do it all the time? How much cost and time do they spend to have those gorgeous hairstyles?

Take advantage of the tips below on caring properly for your hair and a little known secret about celebrity hairstyles.

Washing and Conditioning

Hair is not a living part of your body. However, your hair still needs proper care for optimum health, beauty and a great styling. One of the key elements to having shiny, healthy hair that will style easily is to use natural and organic hair-care products.

Many commercial shampoos, conditioners, and rinses contain chemicals and preservatives that can dry out and damage your hair.

Shampoo, no matter what exotic ingredients it's made up of, performs a simple job of removing excess oils, pollution, and styling product build up from the hair. There's no need of using a shampoo loaded with chemicals and preservatives, because any shampoo will do the job.

However, conventional shampoo and conditioner will further damage your hair while the organic and natural shampoo will simply do the cleaning job while maintaining your hair's natural beauty.

Using organic shampoo will give your lifeless hair more manageability, shine, and the soft, smooth look that everyone will want to run their hands through.

Conditioning on the other hand should be used sparingly, if at all, on the top inches of your hair. The hair closest to the scalp benefits from natural sebum oils that your scalp generates while longer hair can become dry and brittle from a lack of these oils.

Conditioning is an important step to replace needed oils and provide protection from styling agents such as blow dryers and irons.


Your hair will look its most beautiful when you choose a style that requires the least amount of heat and product damage. Protecting your hair with conditioners is key, but choosing a style that suits the texture of your hair will eliminate the need for more torturous styling tools.

When blow drying, keep the blow dryer at least six inches from your hair to prevent excessive damage from the heat. Blow drying in the direction of the shaft (down the length of your hair) will create a smoother appearance.

Again, using organic and natural styling products (hairsprays, styling gels, and so on) will not only prevent your hair from being damaged, but add body to your hair, shine, and style. You can buy these products at any Whole Foods stores or any alike stores that carry natural and organic foods. Also, you can look up these organic hair products online.

While at home you can control what goes on your hair, however, in hair salons you may be forced to go with conventional hair products. You can always ask your stylist to use the products that you can provide her or him with.

Coloring and Perming

Anytime you use chemicals in your hair for coloring or perming needs, you should make sure your hair is in a healthy condition before applying the treatment. Overuse of these treatments can damage your hair beyond repair and affect your hairstyle.

So, if you have to use chemicals for this purpose, you can at least keep your hair healthy by the previous two methods.

Cutting Your Hair

Your hair will look shinier and feel thicker when you remove dried and split ends. Trimming your hair every 6 to 8 weeks will keep it looking at its best.

Celebrity Hairstyles

A little known secret about celebrity hairstyles is that they're using a sedu flat iron to make their hair super straight yet shiny as glass hair, and they can do it by themselves even without help from their stylist.

Whether you have short, medium length, thick, or even curly hair, the sedu flat iron has come to your rescue to begin creating amazing hairstyles. However, like most hair style products, there is some degree of risk that may damage your hair if not done properly. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when creating sedu hairstyles and how to avoid them.

1. Use Sedu Flat Iron on Wet Hair

Here's the first tip on how to protect yourself from damaging your hair. Always wash and condition your hair before any styling, even a little dampness can cause damage to your hair and the result won't satisfy you. You can also apply some tonic to damp hair, and if you use a hair dryer, don't make your hair too dry.

2. Incomplete Rinsing

One thing that almost no one knows is any excess oil or grease in your hair can break your styling work. You don't want any chemical substances from shampoo to damage your hair permanently, so make sure you clean and rinse your hair properly.

3. Using Wrong Width Flat Iron

One of the biggest reasons people fail when creating their own Sedu style is using the wrong flat iron for their hair type. As general rule of thumb the length of your hair determines which width is best for you.

If you have short to medium hair use 1" flat iron, while medium to long hair is better to use 1 1/2" flat iron. Exceptionally, if you have curly or thick hair you can use 1 1/2" flat iron to reduce styling time and effort.

4. Improper Heat Control

Every flat iron has a heat control on it, use it wisely. Avoid overheating your hair by using paper tips before applying styling. You can do it by taking a small paper, spraying with water then position it in between the flat iron plates. When the paper gets dry but not burn, it's time to adjust the heat.

5. Touching Your Hair After Finish Styling

Touching your hair directly using fingers not only can burn your fingers but also can damage your work. Let your hair cool down first, it makes the hairstyle stay longer.

If you follow these sedu hairstyle tips, you should have no difficulty getting your favorite sedu hairstyle while preventing any damage to your hair. Patience is the key, take your time to make your own sedu hairstyle and become the talk of the party with the most beautiful and managed hair.


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