Lead in Lipstick

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Home => Health Articles => Lipsticks Contain Lead. Now what?

Lipsticks Contain Lead. Now what?

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The news spread around the world like a wildfire that lipstick and even some very popular brands of lipstick contain lead. Lead is not something that you would want to put in your body. Consume it in a high dose, and it will kill you.

Nowadays lead is present everywhere. Scary hah? In the water we drink, paint, candies, toys, in the air, and you name it. But, one may wonder, what is it doing in the lipstick? Or better yet, why is it in lipstick?

Perhaps no one would ever know unless the corporations have a sudden burst of kindness, forget about their profits for a day, and tell us why.

When lipstick and lip gloss are applied on the lips, they don't simply stay on the lips. Their ingredients get absorbed into the body and they can also get into the mouth and into the bloodstream.

There's no regulation about lead in lipsticks or all makeup and cosmetics in general, but for a reference, the FDA's limit for lead in candy is 0.1 parts per million (ppm). And some popular brands of lipstick have tested with up to 6 times that amount. Should we be worried?

"These levels of lead are not likely to cause poisoning," said Tickner, a specialist on exposure to toxic chemicals and a professor of environmental health at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. "They are likely to be cumulative to other exposures and can cause subtle neurological effects you can't trace back to a single exposure."

However, Dr. Mark Mitchell, president of the Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice cautioned: "Lead builds up in the body over time and lead-containing lipstick applied several times a day, every day, can add up to significant exposure levels. The latest studies show there is no safe level of lead exposure."

Even though there were a number of hoax e-mails going around stating that you can test your lipstick for lead buy spreading it on your hand and scratching the lipstick with a 24K gold ring, there is really no way to know if your lipstick contains lead. Unless of course, you pay a fully equipped laboratory with trained staff to break down the components that make up the lipstick, and then evaluate the amount of lead if present.

But, you would go broke if you test every single lipstick you buy.

Though, did you know that you could influence the manufacturers who produce lead-tainted lipstick to start producing lead-free lipstick?

Everything in business is based on supply and demand. Manufacturers don't simply make lipstick because they have nothing else to do. They make it because women demand it. But women didn't know that some lipsticks had lead in them, until now. And manufacturers (since not governed by law) didn't have to worry about the lead levels in lipstick, whether intentionally or unintentionally added.

However, if all women start demanding lead-free lipstick, the manufacturers (if not otherwise forced by law) will have to change and start supplying lead-free lipstick because they will start loosing business to the companies who are switching over.

How would you voice your demand? Simply, start buying organic lipstick, so you're no longer exposed to lead and all the other deadly chemicals present in lipsticks, and eventually the companies producing lead-tainted lipstick would get the message.

If you don't know where to find organic lipstick, download our giant catalog of companies that offer organic lipsticks and all natural makeup. The catalog is a pat of the full scale report on the lead in lipstick.

» Click Here to read the full report on lead in lipstick.


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Lead in Lipstick