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Perfume Health Warning

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Perfume Health Warning

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You may or may not know that the conventional modern day perfumes, colognes and cosmetics of all kinds, even the big name brands, contain very deadly chemicals and substances, or in other words, carcinogens. You can read about the evolution of components on specialized sites or research this topic on your own, please write my outline for me and then, according to the points and sections, I will work out the necessary information.

Knowingly or unknowingly we spray these carcinogens onto our bodies where they get either absorbed by our skin or inhaled in and together with all the other toxins in our bodies cause all kinds of known and unknown health problems.

If all of these fake manmade-synthetic fragrances were banned tomorrow, the world would be a dramatically healthier place by the following day.

However, that's not likely to happen.

What we're left with is warnings of all kinds by scientists, researchers, health advocates and alike to warn us of the danger.

Then, it would be up to us to take action against it or ignore it.

The natural health community has been warning about the cancer risks of perfumes and cosmetics for at least two decades.

But how many of us are actually listening?

The latest warning comes from Professor Richard Sharpe who is warning women not to wear perfume during pregnancy. He has found that the reproductive system of male fetuses can be damaged as early as at eight weeks' gestation by chemicals including those found in many cosmetics.

The damage can result in fertility or testicular cancer - both growing medical problems across the world.

Professor Sharpe unveiled his findings at a major conference on fertility on September 2, 2008, at the Simpson Symposium in Edinburgh, UK, a gathering of fertility experts organized by Edinburgh University.

Sharpe has discovered a "time window" at 8 to 12 weeks' gestation (before some women even know they are pregnant) during which certain hormones in the fetus are activated and the male reproductive system is established.

Sharpe has found that future problems with male fertility including undescended testicles, low sperm count and the risk of testicular cancer could be determined at this time if these hormones, such as testosterone, do not work properly.

Can you imagine yourself, the pregnant mother, doing this to your unborn son unknowingly because the cosmetics industry is not telling you of the dangers of wearing perfume or smelling the perfume from someone else while pregnant?

And how about the cosmetics industry putting these deadly chemicals in their products; what are they thinking about, money?

Don't they know that perfumes can be made without any dangerous chemicals or their greed overpowers all of their ethics?

Most people aren't even aware that their perfumes and colognes are poisons. So, they keep buying and using all these products, day after day, unaware of the reality. Product manufacturers, meanwhile, absolutely deny the health consequences of their products. They acknowledge that the chemicals are present, but they claim the skin doesn't absorb them.

That nonsense is a complete ignorance. Of course, the skin absorbs practically all chemicals. That's why the "patch" medicines work in the first place. The medicine is absorbed through the skin. Who are they trying to fool?

And these perfumes are not essential oils harvested from flowers out in a wild field somewhere. They are synthetic chemicals manufactured in a chemical plant, and many are highly carcinogenic.

Unless they're pure essential oils, they're made from a nasty brew of dozens if not hundreds of chemicals which are, of course, a company "trade secret."

Fragrance is the source of many toxic chemicals. You'll want to avoid fragrance at all costs. For perfumes and colognes, you'll have to buy natural products made exclusively with essential oils, not artificial chemicals.

Or you might want consider just wearing no perfumes or colognes at all. If you produce a body odor and you use the fragrances to cover it up, it's because you follow a horrible diet, in which case you need to change your diet before the stink would subside.

When looking for essential, oils watch out! Those who manufacture products containing fragrances are sneaky. They may use the word "unscented," which usually means that fragrances have been used to cover up fragrances. To actually avoid fragrances you have to look for the words "fragrance free" on the label.

How about products that claim to be "natural scented?" Sorry about that, but "naturally scented" means absolutely nothing. It probably smells like something in nature such as apple or rose or jasmine, but it's likely made from the same old nasty chemical brew, complete with carcinogens, xenohormones and allergens. The only way to be sure that a scented product is for real is to read the label. If it says, "pure essential oils" or "lavender oil" for example, it's the genuine thing.

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