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Cancer and Cell Phones

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Cell Phones and Brain Tumor

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Cell phones causing brain tumor; whatever you think you've heard; you must pay attention to this Alert.

This is one of our most important and most serious Product Alerts because it may affect you, and almost everyone you know. Those who will choose to ignore this health danger, not take it for serious, or those who will not be aware of this health risk may pay the price with their life.

It is estimated that about 2.5 billion people use cell phones worldwide, not knowing what they are in for. And, there is a significant amount of ever increasing evidence that links mobile phone usage to brain tumors.

The link between mobile phones and brain tumors is no longer to be regarded as a myth. Individual and class action lawsuits have been filed in the USA, and at least one has already been successfully prosecuted, regarding the cell phone-brain tumor link, as you will see in the videos below.

Therefore, please, please, inform at least your loved ones about this health danger or send them here, if they don't believe you, so they too can learn about the danger, and learn how to protect because Brain Tumor in most cases is a Life-Ending Diagnosis; there's no cure for it.

This doesn't mean you need to give up your phone, but learn how to protect yourself.

There's nothing worse than seeing your loved one dying from something that could have been prevented. Children are especially at risk. Younger they are, higher their risk as you will see further down in this report.

You might have or have not heard that beekeepers have been experiencing record losses of honeybees. Researchers are investigating the causes of this mysterious and massive disappearance of bees.

A small study from Landau University in Germany suggests that the navigational capabilities of honeybees may be adversely affected by radiation from cell phones.

Let us hope Einstein was wrong in his prediction, "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left."

However, the EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) that cell phones and other electrical devices emit not only affects the navigational capabilities of the honeybees but affects our brains too.

Every electrical device nowadays produces EMR; TV's, computers, electrical stoves, electrical dryers, walkie-talkies, microwaves, bedside alarm clocks, wireless/WiFi computing devices, even the electrical wires in the walls of your home. We're literally flooded with electromagnetic radiation.

But, what is it about cell phones that makes them so dangerous to the brain, even causing life-ending brain tumor?

The reason is that you don't put your computer on your ear every time you use it, or stick your head into the electrical dryer every time you use it. But, you place the cell phone on your ear and directly on your head (where your brain is) every time you use it.

As you will see in the last video below, the radiation is very strong when the cell phone touches the object.

And what happens when the radiation touches your head?

Radiation Penetration in the head of an adult

Radiation Penetration in the head of 10 year old child

Radiation Penetration in the head of 5 year old child

When radiation hits the head, it penetrates the scull. The pictures above were an experiment done by Dr Om Ghandhi back in 1997. He showed how radiation penetrates the skull of an adult (25%), 10 year old child (50%), and a 5 year old child (75%).

The younger the child the deeper the penetration due to the fact their skulls are thinner and still developing. This is why children are in much bigger danger of getting a brain tumor from EMR because brain tumors have now taken over leukemia as the biggest cause of death amongst children.

Another experiment called "Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones" [PDF] shows brain cell death in rats that were exposed to mobile phones (picture below):

A study [PDF] done by an award-winning cancer expert Vini Gautam Khurana PhD, FRACS, has concluded that mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos.

Following fourteen months of research involving a comprehensive review of over 100 sources in the recent medical and scientific literature in addition to the Press and Internet, Dr. Khurana concluded that there is a growing body of statistically significant evidence for a relationship between the overall length of use of a mobile phone and the delayed occurrence of a brain tumor on the same side of the head as the "preferred side" for mobile phone usage.

As you will se in the videos below, when Dr. Charlie Tia, a preeminent Australian neurosurgeon, receives patients with brain cancer, he would often explain to them that the cancer is on the right side of their brain, in the area just above their ear, and he would ask them if they feel they had more exposure than most people to mobile phones - much to his surprise most people say: "Yes, I've used my phone continuously for the past 7 years and it's always stuck to my ear on that side." Then Dr. Tia would answer to them: "Well, that's where the cancer is."

Dr. Khurana explains that the "incubation time" or "latency" (i.e., the time from commencement of regular mobile phone usage to the diagnosis of a malignant solid brain tumor in a susceptible individual) may be in the order of 10-20 years. In the years 2008-2012, we will have reached the appropriate length of follow-up time to begin to definitively observe the impact of this global technology on brain tumor incidence rates.

Who is in danger?

Scientists are saying that certain "heavy" mobile-phone users (who use their mobile phone excessively) may be more susceptible to developing malignant brain tumors compared with others. Do you know if you're that "more susceptible" person?

It all depends on your genetic makeup, strength of your immune system and many more reasons to justify whether you're susceptible or not. It's literally impossible. Hence, you may take all necessary steps in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Dr. Khurana explains:

- Children definitely enjoy the greatest danger and they should NOT use mobile or cellular phones unless in an emergency.

- Bluetooth ear-piece devices are NOT safe. Microwaves generated by the mobile phone are wirelessly transferred and directly transmitted into the ear canal and surrounding head region via the coupled blue tooth device.

- Wired ear-pieces are NOT safe unless they are specifically shielded against electromagnetic radiation. Wearing an ear-piece connected by a wire to a mobile phone in essence converts the user's head into an antenna for the base-station.

- Home-based cordless phones do not emit as much electromagnetic radiation as conventional mobile phones, however, they are NOT to be regarded as being safe owing to the longer usage time.

- "Walkie-talkies" are NOT safe. They emit very high levels of electromagnetic radiation, up to 50 times more than a mobile phone.

- Keeping a mobile phone close to one's head overnight is NOT safe. Even "at rest", the mobile will regularly emit pulsed microwave signal to its closest base station in order for the mobile phone's position to be tracked in order to maintain its expected service.

- Brain tumors such as vestibular Schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) and astrocytoma are associated with "heavy," "prolonged" and "excessive" mobile phone use, particularly on the same side as the "preferred ear" for telephony.

How to Protect Yourself

Dr. Khurana alarms people to avoid using mobile phones wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone industry must take "immediate steps" to reduce exposure to their radiation.

The French government has already warned against the use of mobile phones, especially by children. Germany also advises its people to minimize handset use, and the European Environment Agency has called for exposures to be reduced.

In addition, Dr. Khurana recommends:

- Using a regular "land-line" in preference to a hand-held mobile or cordless phone whenever feasible or possible.

- Using a hand-held phone on "speaker phone" mode held more than 20 cm away from your head or "in-vehicle hands-free speaker" mode as opposed to the typical "mobile phone-to-ear" use.

- Minimizing the use of current Bluetooth devices and unshielded headphone accessories for mobile phones.

- Minimizing the amount of time spent using mobile and cordless phones for all adults and restricting the use of mobile and cordless phones by children to emergency situations only.

Also, there ARE shielding devices available for mobile and cellular phones and their Bluetooth and headset accessories. Problem is that they are currently poorly marketed and you need to search for or look for a shielding device for your type of cell phone or Bluetooth device.

For an example, a registered supplier of equipment to the US Dept. of Defense, Aegis Corporation, produces shielded equipment that the company claims makes the use of wireless technology safer. Their Website details the risks associated with unshielded equipment. According to the information posted on their site, both wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (unshielded) headsets pose significantly high amounts of cell phone radiation exposure to users and the shielding devices are suppose to reduce this exposure by up to 99.998%.

Exposure to long-term electromagnetic radiation from unshielded cell phones and its effects on the body, particularly its electrical organ, the brain, in addition to numerous other simultaneous long-term exposures including continuous waves from radio and TV transmitter towers, cordless phone base stations, power lines, wireless/WiFi computing devices, and others, is invisible and any danger this exposure poses may be easily dismissed - until it becomes too late for some people.

Therefore, doing what it takes to protect yourself is vital because Brain Tumor in most cases is a Life-Ending Diagnosis.

And now, let's watch the videos.

If in case the videos are not available, go to YouTube and search for cell phones and brain tumor.

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