2007 Top 10 Worst Toys

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Top 10 Worst Toys for 2007

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World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.), a Massachusetts charitable non-profit corporation, has released its annual "10 Worst Toys" list of toys with the potential to cause childhood injuries, or even death.

Every year around Christmas time, they release a list of the top 10 worst toys that you could purchase for you children. They've been releasing this list around the holidays since 1973, but this year it came amid an outbreak of recent recalls, particularly of toys made in China.

"There is a huge amount of attention and scrutiny on the toy industry right now," said Joan Lawrence, vice president of standards and government affairs at the Toy Industry Association, a nonprofit trade group. She said it is most important that consumers "know what the recalls are, and to be informed on how to choose safe and age-appropriate toys for their children."

W.A.T.C.H. officials said the list showed that the undermanned U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which regulates the toy industry, doesn't do enough to ensure that toy makers sell safe toys and the industry has failed to police itself.

"Why are toys being made with known toxins?" asked attorney Joan Siff of W.A.T.C.H. He said: "The best interests of children need to be put before the best interests of toy companies."

However: "A lot of families feel that if a toy has made it to the shelf, it must be safe," said James Swartz of W.A.T.C.H. "The sad truth is, the frightening truth is, that is not the case."

Millions of toys have been recalled over the past year, either for lead content or choking risk. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported there were 20 toy-related deaths in 2005, including nine children who died when they choked on balls or aspirated a toy.

Without further ado, here are the top 11 worst toys for 2007:

1. AQUA DOTS - POTENTIAL FOR TOXIC INGESTION INJURIES! Over four million of these toys were recalled on November 7, 2007, and the Chinese government confirmed they contained a substance that can turn into a "date-rape" drug GHB after ingestion. The recall notice references at least "two reports ... of children swallowing Aqua Dots" and temporarily "slipping into a comatose state", requiring hospitalization.

2. GO DIEGO GO ANIMAL RESCUE BOAT - POTENTIAL FOR LEAD INGESTION INJURIES! These brightly-colored orange and yellow boats were sold at retail stores until October 2007 when tens of thousands of these toys, identical in appearance to the one pictured, were recalled on October 25, 2007. According to the recall notice, it was discovered that the "surface paints on the toys contain excessive levels of lead." However, millions of recalled toys still may be in homes and schools.

3. STICKY STONES - POTENTIAL FOR CHOKING AND INTERNAL INJURIES! With these "powerful magnetized iron" stones, marketed and sold as a toy for children, if more than one magnet is swallowed, they can attach inside the body, potentially causing intestinal perforation, infection or blockage which can be fatal.

4. JACK SPARROW'S SPINNING DAGGER - POTENTIAL FOR EYE AND OTHER IMPACT INJURIES! This toy was inspired by the Disney's popular Pirates of the Caribbean series. This toy/weapon straps to the child's wrist, and the weapon spins at the push of a button with accompanying "electronic battle sounds". Although, it may sound harmless and fun, use your imagination what may happen if the nearly sharp edges hit the eyes of the child. One may ask why are weapons, which are made to hurt and kill people, transformed into toys?

5. DORA THE EXPLORER LAMP - POTENTIAL FOR ELECTRIC SHOCK AND BURN INJURIES! This colorful lamp is based on the popular Nickelodeon "Nick Jr." character. What is this; is it a lamp for adults to use or is it a toy? The packaging encourages children to "light-up your room with Dora!" However, it comes with a warning that states, in part: "THIS IS AN ELECTRIC LAMP – NOT A TOY! TO AVOID RISK OF FIRE, BURNS, PERSONAL INJURY AND ELECTRIC SHOCK, IT SHOULD NOT BE PLAYED WITH OR PLACED WHERE SMALL CHILDREN CAN REACH IT." However, children are further instructed to "unplug the product when leaving the house, when retiring for the night, or if left unattended". "NOT A TOY" means nothing to children who may get attracted to the smiley Dora face and thus be exposed to the potential electric shock.

6. LIL "GIDDY UP" HORSE - SASSY PET SAKS - POTENTIAL FOR INGESTION OR ASPIRATION INJURIES! These cute plush horses are sold with a "Pet Sack," which is supposed to be a carrier for the soft animal. Amazingly, a tag on the horse states that it is sold for newborn babies, whereas the carrier to which the horse is attached advises the toy is not intended for children younger than 18 months old. The toy presents a serious choking hazard because there is a small, wooden bead, as well as long, fiber-like hair that are not adequately rooted and are easily removable.

7. SPIDER MAN 3 NEW GOBLIN SWORD - POTENTIAL FOR IMPACT INJURIES! Another weapon transformed into a toy. This toy is marketed to children as "one of the most awesome weapons ever wielded by human hands!" The sword can extend over 3 feet long when the child pushes a special button. It's a rigid, plastic spring-action blade, and … why are they making weapons for kids? This sword has the potential to cause serious facial and other impact injuries.

8. HIP HOPPA - POTENTIAL FOR HEAD OR OTHER IMPACT INJURIES! "Hip Hoppa ‘Til You Droppa!" is the catch phrase for a toy consisting of a foot board atop an inflatable "high energy" ball. Children are supposed to stand on top of the toy, strap it to their feet, and while holding a handle, "immediately start hopping". The instructions caution that improper dismount will result in "loss of balance and possible injury." However, the children depicted on the packaging are not wearing any safety equipment despite the manufacturer's advisory: "For added safety protective equipment is recommended."

9. B'LOONIES PARTY PACK - POTENTIAL FOR CHEMICAL INGESTION AND BURN INJURIES! By squeezing out a ball of plastic from one of the squeeze-tubes, children are encouraged to stick it to the end of a special blow pipe in order and "CREATE FUN B'LOONIE SHAPES!" What's wrong with that? Sounds like fun, right? The sticky substance from the squeeze-tubes contains chemicals such as "poly vinyl acetate", "ethyl acetate", and "plastic fortifiers". These are flammable chemicals that should not be part of a child's toy, much less one intended to be used in or near a child's mouth and eyes.

10. MY LITTLE BABY BORN - POTENTIAL FOR CHOKING INJURIES! These dolls are supposed to resemble new born babies, in which toddlers are encouraged to "pamper" this "soft & cuddly" doll "just like a real Baby!" The small pink pacifier is attached to the baby's pajamas with only a ribbon. Once detached, the plastic pacifier fails even the toy industry's inadequate small parts "choke tube" standard.

11. RUBBER BAND SHOOTER - POTENTIAL FOR EYE INJURIES! This toy, fires brightly colored rubber bands. ". Incredibly, while the packaging promotes "Family Fun", there is cautionary language stating: "FOR TARGET PRACTICE ONLY! DO NOT AIM AT PEOPLE …" This is a toy for children and not adults, right? Can you imagine this high-speed projectile hitting a child's eye? How many kids do you think are going to follow "FOR TARGET PRACTICE ONLY" while the manufacturer encourages "Family Fun"?

You can visit W.A.T.C.H. website's report card for more dangerous toys.

Also, US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a webpage with a lengthy list of recalled toys that is being updated every time they issue a new recall for a dangerous toy.

The more information, the better for parents who are trying to find safe toys for their children.


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