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Change is in the Air. How Will Your Savings be Affected?

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Change is in the Air. How Will Your Savings be Affected?

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What started as rumors, turned into a conspiracy theory, and now even CNN provides full time coverage.

It looks that a major change is coming this winter 2008/2009 in North America that would even affect the world. Fasten your seatbelts and stay well informed because it appears that it will be a rocky ride.

Even the VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden, guaranteed that if elected, Sen. Barack Obama, will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in power and he will need supporters to stand by him as he makes tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions.

Crisis in the first six months? Possibly unpopular decisions?

The Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB N°28) has issued a global systemic crisis alert claiming that by summer 2009, the US government will default on its debt. In other words, their research anticipates that, before next summer 2009, the US government will default and be prevented to pay back its creditors. Of course such a bankruptcy will provoke some very negative outcome for all USD-denominated asset holders. According to their team, the period that will then begin should be conducive to the setting up of a "new Dollar" to remedy the problem of default.

They further note that the case of Iceland provides a good illustration of what the US and the UK should be expecting. In addition to this, they say it would be a pity if Euroland, Asia and oil-producing countries, as well as US citizens of course, discover one morning of summer 2009 that, after a long weekend or bank holiday in the US, their US T-Bonds and Dollars are only worth 10 percent of their value because a "new Dollar" has just been imposed.

As far as this "new Dollar" claim, the CNN anchorman Lou Dobbs (videos below) has extensively been covering a supposed creation of a North American Union (NAU) that may follow with an introduction of a new currency called Amero. This new NAU would allegedly unite Canada, USA, and Mexico with a new currency, Amero, that would take over the Canadian Dollar, American Dollar, and the Mexican Peso as one currency.

However, the debate whether the Amero is real or not is ongoing, (as shown below in the videos), but one common denominator appears to be emerging. The predictions are that the dollar may lose its value (collapse) sometimes before the summer of 2009 by perhaps 90% whether it gets replaced by the Amero or not. With that said, everything that you own in dollars (cash, savings, retirement plans, and so on), would lose value accordingly.

One prediction, as reported in Canada Free Press by Judi McLeod, is that the Amero will be presented as a solution for the dollar recovery.

However, one concern about creation of North American Union is expressed in the International Herald Tribune (a global edition of the New York Times) in the report "The Amero Conspiracy" that the "NAU's central governing body will have the power to nullify the laws of its member states," which may mean nullifying the constitution of the United States, which on the other hand would eliminate the right of free press and may make this very report illegal.

Whatever may happen this winter of 2008/2009, most of the predictions are certainly not looking good. The New York Stock Exchange continues to implement their quarterly new circuit-breaker collar trigger levels for stopping a complete sell-off of the Dow Jones Industrial Average if it were to happen.

What you, as a concerned reader, can do for now is simply try to stay on top of this as much as possible and perhaps make decisions accordingly.

If in case the videos are not available, go to YouTube and search for Amero.


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