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Irradiated Food

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As of Aug 22, 2008, federal food & safety regulators (FDA) have allowed producers to irradiate spinach and iceberg lettuce.

On top of that, there is NO requirement that these foods be labeled with a warning label. The FDA is also looking to expand this to other vegetables.

The request to irradiate leafy greens, however, came from higher up in the food chain: the food processors, and not the farmers. This indicates that there's a great deal of suspicion in this decision since the farmers who produce these foods saw no problem.

What does this "fancy" word "irradiation" mean?

Simply it means blasting the food with lots of radiation. Isn't radiation bad for people's health?

Included below is a CNN video by the anchorman Lou Dobbs of the CNN's nightly television series "Lou Dobbs Tonight", who is criticizing the FDA's failure to protect the American consumers from the food import born illnesses and their absurd decision to solve the problem by blasting it with radiation, for which he labels them as "Irresponsible Jerks."

In his opinion he stated that there has to be a criminal investigation for the leaders of that agency.

Below Lou Dobbs' video are two more footages on the same subject that reveal more details.

Also, please don't forget to send your loved ones here to watch these videos. Better informed we are, better decisions we can make about our health.

If in case the videos are not available, go to YouTube and search for Irradiated.

Lou Dobbs - Irradiated Food

"All Jacked Up" Irradiated vs. Pasteurized

Avoid Synthetic Food No. 4 Irradiated Food

Health Ranger Mike Adamsí Podcast covers the FDA's evil plot to destroy the nutritional value of the food supply through mandatory irradiation of fresh vegetables.

Click on the link below to listen: [MP3]


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